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Создание сервера Q3

  • Как бы собствийно сабж в локалке создать? Причем на машинке, которая сама по себе кваку не тянет, по причине непподдерживаемости 3dfx

    Full http://full.nm.ru
    Она была прекрасно сложена. Хотя правая рука торчала из чемодана.

  • OSP 1.01 о чем-нибудь говорит???

  • нет, что за зверь, с чем едят, откуда берут, как готовят?

    Full http://full.nm.ru
    Операция прошла успешно. Жаль, что больной об этом не узнает.

  • Стартуешь game server в игре так, как обычно, но включаешь функцию Pure Server = ON. Сервер запустится в режиме консоли, играть с него самого будет, разумеется, нельзя, зато меньше тормозов от того, что кто-то играет в игру непосредственно на сервере и поддержка всяческих 3D'шностей не нужна будет :). Играйте !

  • Он же сказал, что квака у него не запустится. Поэтому ТАМ он не сможет сделать Pure Server.

  • OSP Tourney DM/CA/CTF for Quake3
    Version: 1.01
    Date: 28 Jan 01
    Site: http://www.OrangeSmoothie.org
    Contact: rhea@OrangeSmoothie.org
    IRC: irc.enterthegame.com - #osp

    Lead Design/Programming:
    Jason "Rhea" Keimig (rhea@OrangeSmoothie.org)

    Mappack design and all things map-related for 1.0 release:
    Christian "SHoD" Farcy (shod@noos.fr)

    Additional programming:
    Kevin "arQon" Blenkinsopp (arqon@promode.org)
    Sander "Dessignator" Brandenburg (dessignator@OrangeSmoothie.org)
    Harvey "]R[Papa" Morris (papa@reactivesoftware.com)
    Jens "Khaile" Bergensten (khaile@www.com)
    Michael "PhaNToM" Billing (phantom@promode.org)
    rest of the CPM staff

    Map Designers:
    Christian "SHoD" Farcy - ospdm1/2/3 - (shod@noos.fr)
    Nicolas "Nunuk" Bouvier - ospdm2 - (nunuk@planetquake.com)
    Benoit "Bal" Stordeur - ospdm3 - (Bal@planetquake.com)
    Todd "Mr.CleaN" Rose - ospdm4 - (mrclean@planetquake.com)
    Scotty "Teddy" Drader - ospdm5 - (sdrader@home.com)
    Бgъst "DruZli" Atlason - ospdm6 - (drusla@simnet.is)
    Jerry "clem" Dent - ospdm7 - (jed@verio.net)
    German "JaLisK0" Garcia - ospdm8 - (JaLisk0@terra.es)
    "Charon" - ospdm9 - (charon@atlantacon.org)
    Paul "Polo" de Rosanbo - ospdm10 - (polo2ro@fragdome.com)
    Roeland "Geit" Scheepens - ospdm11 - (ouwegeit@goat.gamepoint.net)
    Jeremy "random" Eaton - ospdm12 - (jeremy.eaton@telus.net)
    David "SgtGhost" Levesque - ospca1 - (sgtghost@hotmail.com)
    Rich "Publius" Tollerton - ospctf1 - (rtollert@tranquility.net)
    Daniel "Drunken Boxer" Lanicek - ospctf2 - (dlanicek@yahoo.com)

    "myrddin" (myrdd1n@hotmail.com)

    OSP Server Configuration Tool:
    Greg "phred" Price (greg@price.org)

    Build installer:
    Tim "Gouki" Pearson (gouki@clanavl.com)

    OSP Website:
    "myrddin" (myrdd1n@hotmail.com)
    Tim "Gouki" Pearson (gouki@clanavl.com)

    *** This version of OSP supports Quake3 version 1.30
    *** and higher only!

    For a bit of background, OSP Tourney DM is designed to
    facilitate competitive, yet flexible, match play. This
    mod simply makes it easier and more convenient for players
    and admins alike to ehance the Quake3 experience. There
    have absolutely been *NO* changes to the core gameplay
    or its dynamics -- its all default Quake3 in this regard.

    The latest version of OSP (versions 0.99c and up) now have
    Challenge Pro Mode (http://www.challenge-world.com/promode/)
    capabilities built in! CPM is a careful change to several
    fundamental aspects of Q3 that facilitate faster gameplay
    for both players and spectators alike. Check it out! Its
    loads of fun and adds a lot of spice to "vanilla" Quake3.
    (For a complete list of changes, check out the CPM-changes.txt
    file found in the Docs/ directory).

    Quick start:
    Install/Unzip the osp-quake3-.exe/zip in the root Quake3/
    directory, with folders enabled. You should have a newly
    created directory named "osp" with all of the files listed
    in enclosed the INSTALL.txt file.

    To start up a DEDICATED OSP server, just type:
    ** DELETE the zz-osp-server0.pk3 from your osp directory. **

    (Light servers)
    quake3 +set dedicated 2 +set bot_enable 0 +set fs_game osp +exec .cfg

    (Heavy servers)
    quake3 +set dedicated 2 +set bot_enable 0 +set fs_game osp +exec .cfg

    Delete ALL z-osp-cgameXXX/extra/players.pk3 files in your server's
    osp/ directory. Dedicated servers should only have
    zz-osp-pakXXX.pk3 files in its osp/ directory to prevent
    unnecessary .pk3 downloads and confusion (especially on
    Linux/BSD-based servers).

    To start up a LISTEN OSP server (where a client and server
    run in the same machine), type:
    quake3 +set fs_game osp +set bot_enable 1 +exec .cfg

    ** LINUX/BSD admins: Replace "quake3" with "q3ded" in the above examples.
    ** Make sure to add:
    ** +set fs_basepath +set fs_cdpath
    ** that points to your root Quake3 directory to
    ** properly enable server downloads. Also, add a
    ** +set vm_game 2
    ** to the command-line to ensure full compatibility.

    There have been MANY features added to the default Quake3 game:
    - Enhanced match mode play, utilizing player "ready-up" to
    force synchronized matches (all modes of play).
    - Extra mode of play: "Clan Arena" that is similar in many
    respects to the popular RocketArena mod for Quake.
    - "Challenge Pro Mode" (CPM) play settings to allow for faster
    gameplay. This set of features is available under all game types.
    - "CQ3" (quipply dubbed "Chocolate Q3") is another altering of basic
    gameplay settings that are more in-line with the traditional
    playing style of the Quake series of games. Much more fun!
    - Highly configurable client-side modification that allow for HUD
    manipulation, enhanced client authentication, auto-demo/screenshot
    recording, etc.
    - 15 new maps for all modes of play.
    - Voodoo stats server/client log parser
    - OSP server configuration tool
    - Multi-view spectating. OSP allows spectators to view multiple
    player screens AT THE SAME TIME! Sounds included =)
    - Additional spectator mode: The ViewCam. This mode allows for
    viewing the game in a more cinematic manner to get a better feel
    for the action.
    - Extensive in-game player and match statistics that are unique to
    each mode of play (FFA, 1v1, Team DM, CTF, and ClanArena).
    - Server-side definable "decals" that can be placed throughout the
    level, on a per-map basis. Up to 16 custom graphics and 32 total
    decals can be placed on every map.
    - Many enhancements from the excellent Q3Comp mod.
    - Optional "Coach" spectators that can talk with members on the team,
    issue commands on their behalf, and view all team members for
    a truly coach-style type of match play.
    - Flexible "filtering" mechanism to allow admins to deny player
    access based on name, IP address, or password. Also allows for
    player "reservations" (name/address/password) as well.
    - Highly advanced and configurable voting system.
    - Robust dynamic maplist generation system coupled with map rotation
    capabilities that takes into account player counts and allows for
    changing any server setting when the new map is loaded.
    - Player stats window for quick viewing of a player's performance.
    - "Config mode" voting, where players can vote in new server
    modes that are supported by their own server configs.
    - Remote admin capabilities with many commands available.
    - Team captain capabilities to manage a team and its players.
    - Color skin support for head, body and legs. All three can be
    different! 10 colors available for each section.
    - Ability for teams to "lock out" spectators to prevent giving
    away strategy and cheating posibilities with Internet voice
    communication mechanisms.
    - Ability to follow only the red or blue team.
    - Automatic server public variables that are updated based on
    gameplay. Current match information such as time remaining,
    team scores (if available), etc. can be seen in the server
    information box from utilities such as GameSpy when the server
    is "refreshed".
    - Highly flexible overtime mode capabilities.
    - Server "timeouts" for match play that allow for a pause in
    the action (called by either team captians or referees).
    - Highly configurable (optional) grappling hook available.
    - Complete item/powerup banning capabilies (map independent).
    - Item replacement capabilities (map independent).
    - Additional "skunk" mode setting for 1v1 matches. This setting
    allows for a decent remake of RocketArena 1v1 matchplay.
    - In-server fix for q3tourney3 for team-based games.
    - Customizable server-specific MOTD support displayed to clients.
    - Customizable server-specific graphics to display to clients.
    - Optional item dropping for TDM/CTF.
    - Optional Q2 armor system.
    - Client-configurable lightning gun setting to give a better
    "feel" of its use under laggy conditions.
    - Ability to give weapons/ammo to players upon each respawn.
    - Ability to specify starting weapon for a player.
    - Additional informative logging.
    - Many bug fixes to the default id game.
    - Russian/Spanish/Chinese document translations.

    Additional information
    1. Check the Docs/ directory for complete mod update information
    (osp-q3-History.txt) and all new server variables referenced and
    described in excruciating detail (osp-q3-Variables.txt).
    Available commands are found in osp-q3-Commands.txt. Client
    settings can be found in osp-q3-ClientReadme.txt.

    2. Example server configurations have been provided to ease
    system administration in putting together the "correct"
    config. Simply take one of the included configs that more
    closely matches how you want your server to run, and modify
    it as needed.

    3. For a list of all client commands, type:


    After connecting to an OSP server.

    4. For a list of all referee (remote admin) commands, type:

    or \r_help

    After obtaining referee status.

    5. For a list of all "callvote" voting commands available,
    simply type:

    \callvote ?

    By itself to get a listing of all currently available
    voting options.

    6. Further, to find current server/vote settings, vote usage
    and command description, type:

    \callvote ?

    The server will describe the voting format for this ,
    a description of what it controls, and its current setting (if
    applicable). For example (to see current the server's Quad Damage
    powerup setting), type:

    \callvote quad ?

    Will give:

    Usage: \callvote quad
    Enables/disables Quad Damage powerup availability

    Quad Damage is currently ENABLED

    Simple, eh? =)

    Other Junk
    Big thanks go out to a|citizen and a|wiseguy (and the whole abuse
    clan for that matter) for helping me get everything "just right".
    Check us out at: http://www.teamabuse.com/

    Huge thanks to Khaile, Hoony, and the entire CPM crew for providing
    the source and info to help integrate CPM functionality in OSP.
    Check out the official implementation of CPM (Challenge ProMode) at

    Also gotta give high-fives to a lot of other people who helped
    push OSP in the right direction: Godsmurf, Talita, FiTH-arcane,
    TrEEcH, Gouki, Olzah, and Smegma. There are just too many!
    Sorry if I forgot anyone!

    And to tubesock/Gouki.. guys, thanks a bunch for testing, debugging and
    nit-picking features to perfection. Very much appreciate all the help
    you both have provided.

    Thanks to ]R[Papa (of q3comp fame: http://www.reactivesoftware.com)
    and Strider for the collaboration on the id event/sound problems.

    "THANKS MANG!" goes to arQon of (soon to be released) CPMA fame.
    Thanks for all of the help on code snippets in the twilight years of
    the 0.99x series of OSP ;-)

    More deep bows to Strider (Alan Kivlin - akivlin@lineone.net) for the
    client 125Hz sampling patch and a couple of pointers on some of the
    multi-view spectating (like a cool CTF flag view that I haven't enabled

    Indebted to Jim Luther (dv8|Fia) and [AVL]Hifi in helping me track
    down all of OSP's problems with the beloved Macintosh. Those pesky
    Macs.... ;-)

    Props to Heeler for some of the spif targa graphics help. Adobe rocks!

    Much love to "alias" of team evolution (http://evolution.clanpages.com)
    for the spectator config to sort out some of the new features of the
    multi-view spectating option under OSP.

    Thanks to these viewcam arteests:
    SHoD - ospdm1-11
    [AVL]Gouki - q3ctf3, q3ctf4, q3wctf1-3, japanctf
    jab - q3ctf1, q3ctf2
    Olzah - ztn3dm1
    Rune - q3tourney2
    SoloRail - q3dm1-4, q3dm8-12
    TrEEcH - q3dm13, q3dm17, q3jdm8a
    VK-Hunter - q3dm14-16,19 q3tourney1,3,5, overkill

    For questions, comments, bugs, or feature-requests, send
    all correspondence to:


    Check our site for the latest OSP-Q3 updates at:


    Also, check out our web forum at:


    Finally, we also have an IRC channel, #osp, on EnterTheGame
    (irc.enterthegame.com:6667). Check http://www.enterthegame.com
    for info on this relatively new set of IRC servers.

    Thanks for playing OSP,

  • подскажите где можно скачать OSP в Новосибирске, а то больно уж он тяжелый. 56 метров как-никак

    нарушение п.3 правил форума!

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